A Kenyan-Canadian Partnership in Education

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All teaching positions are currently filled. KenCada is always interested in meeting engaged teachers who fit our model and approach and who already hold appropriate teaching credentials. If you are interested in volunteering or teaching and fit the profile of our staff, please forward your resume, references and a formal letter of interest to our office.


Our leaders and teachers are qualified to teach in their subject areas and at the levels assigned, and hold valid teaching certificates from the Ministry of Education of Kenya. They model the habits of heart, mind and action and keep these at the centre of the work they do with students. KenCada teachers and leaders are knowledgeable in teaching methodologies such as play-based learning, differential instruction, inquiry based learning and collaborative learning. They inspire students to do their best work by giving them independence and time to think for themselves, asking questions to empower good decision-making, and fostering internal motivation and self-reflection. Our teachers do not coerce students, but inspire them to believe in themselves. They take initiative and act in collaboration with one another, helping to extend the school into the community. KenCada teachers are approachable and available to students and parents.