A Kenyan-Canadian Partnership in Education

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We believe that a high quality school educates the whole child. In addition to a strong academic program, Kencada offers a unique and extensive experiential education program.

Inspired by current research and contemporary pedagogy, and supported by Canadian teachers, KenCada's educational experience is rooted in the Kenyan tradition. It's the Kenyan curriculum - with a difference.

Parents, community members, teachers and students strengthen the community of KenCada.

Academic Program

  • Emphasizes literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, inquiry, and collaboration.
  • Builds on the existing Kenyan curriculum through interactive learning and exploration, play-based learning, hands-on activities, multi-sensory learning
  • Connects knowledge and ideas to students' lives and the world around them.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Language as art- for creating, playing, expressing
  • Critical literacy- reading skills

Students develop skills of reading, speaking, and expressing themselves through discovery and play. Letters and words are explored through multi-sensory activities.

As student gain experience with language in the elementary years, they also develop skills in literary analysis- literature studies.

Numeracy involves counting and identifying numbers. In the primary years, numeracy skills are developed through connections to real-world experiences and hand-on activities.

Learning tools

1. IT Is part of Kencada's education experience IT is integrated into daily lessons. Tablets with learning tools and education apps are introduced in Kindergarten.

2. "Leap Frog" interactive learning through  gaming.  

For skill development and language acquisition.

3. Local and international story books

Local stories and folktales are published in story format to reinforce heritage traditions.

4. Exercise books

Created by our curriculum team these books are designed to reinforce learning in fun and interactive styles

5. Arts and crafts

Introduced in the first year, arts and crafts develop the whole child. This enhances imagination, role playing and stronger emotional development.

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